Our Story

From our family to yours

“Micros For” began as a TikTok account, “Micros for Micros,” which aimed to educate parents and guardians about the value of micronutrient dense food for young children.  Started by a young mom who studied nutrition and dietetics and aspired to increase the micronutrient intake in her daughters diet.  By tracking the micronutrient values of her toddlers food and inventing new recipes which she shared online, her interest in toddler nutrition grew to what is now “Micros For,” a brand designed to increase micronutrient intake in young children. 

We know that toddlers tend to be picky eaters, which is why our founder decided to create a multivitamin- including essential vitamins and minerals with an added phytonutrient blend for toddlers who may be lacking in the micronutrient department. If you find yourself struggling to incorporate an adequate micronutrient intake in your toddlers diet, Micros For might be a good fit for you.  We’ve focused heavily on ease of use of this product, so each serving is individually wrapped for on the go parents.  

In a world that focuses on the value of macronutrients- Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins- “Micros For” intends to educate and validate the value of micronutrients and the impact they have on development, health and immune systems- especially for our toddlers.

Humble Beginnings

We sought after a product we were confident in giving our children, so we made our own.

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